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How To Continue Running Your Business While The World Is On Fire

Being an entrepreneur can be taxing on any day, but the worldwide pandemic has created a whole new set of stressors, and for many business owners it can be exhausting to keep going. With the realization that everything we put our energy into matters more now than it ever has, I wanted to make sure that the pieces I write are valuable and relevant to what we are currently experiencing. Keep reading for a few things that have helped my clients, fellow entrepreneurs, and myself continue to hit business goals as we deal with our new reality.

Do Your Best To Prepare

Get your paperwork and systems in order so that you can automate as much of your business as possible. Tools like Zapier and Buffer can be helpful when automating repeating tasks and social media posts so that you can focus on your bigger goals. Reread your contracts, emails, and communications to make sure your messaging is still consistent with where you are in your business.

Remember Your Values

Staying steadfast in your values and why you even started in the first place will help you to move through your hardest movements and trickiest decisions with clarity. Your values will also give you reassurance in decision-making. The Minimalists have a great interactive worksheet that will help you figure out and prioritize your values. I do it once a year to realign!

Give Yourself Grace

At this point, we’ve all had the “return to normal” convo but the reality of our situation is that we don't know what tomorrow holds. It is crucial that we give ourselves grace at this moment to try, fail and try again. If something doesn't go the way you imagined, try not to beat yourself up about it, and keep pushing forward. Running your own business is never easy but remembering to give yourself grace in this moment will help you move with ease, patience, and strength.

As you try these out, you’ll discover what works for you and what doesn't. Remember that your path is unique, and every moment of your journey is a win as long as you keep going!


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